Could It Happen Here? draws on groundbreaking new social research to show whether Canadian society is at risk of the populist forces afflicting other parts of the world.


It is a candid and blackly funny account of her mood in the direct aftermath of losing to Donald J. Trump. It is a post-mortem, in which she is both coroner and corpse. It is a feminist manifesto. It is a score-settling jubilee…. It is worth reading.”

—The New York Times

Chris Turner brings readers onto the streets of Fort McMurray, showing the myriad ways the oil sands impact our lives and demanding that we ask the question: To both fuel the world and to save it, what do we do about the Patch?

"Riveting and strangely uplifting . . . the testimonies of people who have returned from the gray zone evoke the mysteries of consciousness and identity with tremendous power."

—The New Yorker

Bestselling author and commentator Jay Ingram is back to explain the magic and mysteries of the world around us.


"A beautifully written and well-researched cultural criticism as well as an honest memoir."

—Los Angeles Review of Books


“Whimsical but also full of solid journalism and eye-opening revelations about the history of humanity, the book is a real treat.”

—Booklist, Starred Review