a memoir


When Glenn Dixon is spurned by love, he does something unusual. He travels to Verona, Italy, to become a scribe of Juliet, Shakespeare’s fictional character, all in an attempt to understand his heartbreak. Once there, he volunteers to answer the thousands of letters that arrive addressed to Juliet, letters sent from lovelorn people all over the world who long to understand the mysteries of the human heart.


Glenn’s journey takes him deep into the charming community of Verona, where he learns the traditions of the townspeople and becomes involved in unravelling the truth behind Romeo and Juliet—Did these star-crossed lovers actually exist? Did they live in Verona? Why have they remained at the forefront of hearts and minds for centuries? And what can they teach us about love? At the same time, we learn about Claire, Glenn’s unrequited love, the source of his heartbreak. Was she truly his soul’s match, or was she, like Rosalind in Shakespeare’s classic play, a mere infatuation who pales in comparison the moment his real Juliet enters his life?


When Glenn returns home to Canada and resumes his duties as a Grade 10 English teacher, he undertakes a lively reading of Romeo and Juliet with his students, engaging them in passions past and present. But in an intriguing reversal of fate and fortune, his students—along with an old friend—instruct the teacher on the true meaning of love, loss, and moving on.


An enthralling tale of modern-day love steeped in the romantic traditions of eras past, this is a memoir that will warm your heart.

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A message from the author:

I would like to thank everyone who wrote in. Your questions brought me right back to my time with the famous secretaries of Juliet.  There were some really heartfelt entries and even though I can’t answer all of you here, I hope that the act of writing itself was a salve for your soul.


- Glenn Dixon


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Thank you to everyone who submitted a letter. A special congratulations to our winning letter below.

Dear Juliet,

How does one remain steadfast and true to the one our heart desires among all else? When we know his many faults and transgressions, and they cut like a knife, yet we cannot forget him, nor do we love him any less. Our head tells us we should forget and move on, but our heart tells us to wait and be patient. Knowing the man as we do, we can guess as to our future life, yet we somehow cannot see our future without him in it. Please guide me in any way you can, do I listen to my head and be safe from this man’s faults or to my heart and endure what is to come?

Yours truly,
Your troubled friend


Dear TF,
 I think the concerns you address here are at the heart of all questions about love. When is it worth it and when is it not? There is, of course, no love that is perfect and we are often dissatisfied when we try to live up to the very unrealistic standards set by Hollywood movies and the like. On the other hand, there is certainly a point at which it is better (usually for both people) to let love go. I have talked to many people who felt relief right away when they finally made the decision to leave. No one can tell you where that point is for you though. That, you have to decide for yourself. It is important to consider your head as much as your heart, and to talk to friends and maybe family who will give you an unbiased opinion. But the decision is yours to make. Can you live with an imperfect love or, if you cannot, then know this: you will find love again. Love, truly, is always there when we are open to it. Juliet's Secretary