A Mother's Love Knows No Borders





“This book is impossible to put down. It is as inspiring as it is bone chilling…. A beautiful story of what love can do to conquer the impossible. One Day Closer is an incredible story of hope and joy, grit and gumption.”



singer-songwriter and bestselling author of Falling Backwards


On August 23, 2008, Amanda Lindhout was kidnapped outside of Mogadishu in Somalia. The kidnappers’ demand was simple: pay millions or Amanda will be killed. For the next 460 days, Lorinda Stewart did everything in her power to get her daughter back alive.


A brave, small-town mother with no experience in hostage negotiations, Lorinda was called upon by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to be the lead communicator with “Adam”—the Somali man who identified himself as the English-speaking negotiator for Amanda’s kidnappers. In a secret “war room” in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Lorinda joined forces with federal officers and began answering calls from Adam, establishing a fragile rapport of trust with the man who held her daughter’s fate in his hands. She learned how to demand POLs (proofs of life) from Amanda’s hostage takers and even how to react to “bad calls”—getting through them despite cries for help and fearing Amanda was being abused and tortured.


What was supposed to be a short negotiation stretched on, and weeks became months. As negotiations broke down, Lorinda found herself increasingly on her own. But she never gave up hope, even when the phone calls became more traumatic. Faced with the terrible possibility of her daughter’s death, Lorinda decided to bring in a private security company and raise money from donors to support the cause of bringing Amanda home. But would it be enough?


One Day Closer is the true story of one mother’s heroic perseverance in the face of despair, and of the hope and healing to be found beyond trauma. It is also, above all, a tribute to the extraordinary power of a mother’s love.


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On the day my daughter, Amanda Lindhout, was kidnapped by outlaws in Somalia, my life split into two parts: Before and After. That was Day 1, the day that catapulted me into a nightmare few parents can begin to imagine.

“A gripping, mothers-eye view of Amanda Lindhouts kidnapping ordeal…. For any parent who has ever worried about, advocated for, and deeply loved a child, Lorinda Stewart's honest, lion-hearted account will leave you both stunned and uplifted.”



co-author of A House in the Sky